Gucci Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Uh-oh, Milan Fashion Week is on top of my list and I don’t even finish talking about London yet. Don’t you think fashion week schedule is a little bit of a mess? Right, who am I to complain? I just have to shut up and keep my head up to see the show. Well, I can’t shut up technically since I HAVE to talk about it. You know what, this blabbering is the one that ruins my schedule. Okay okay let’s back to Milan Fashion Week first and do some reviews about London later. Extremely later.

When the world thinks I am ready.

Well, it’s a bit hard to choose which fashion house do I want to review in Milan because everything looks gracious in here. Milan is like the more delicious appetizer for fashion louvers. It’s not as delicious as Paris, but you are crazy if you don’t include Milan Fashion Week in your schedule. Just plain craziness.

Finally I decided to go Gucci. It just feels right. Gucci opened the Milan Fashion Week with it’s rather sporty, glowing, sexy, overly seductive clothes. Frida Gianni chooses to go more see through with jersey like tops and glamoured version of basketball shorts (see? I told you basketball shorts is going to be HUGE).

The clothes are mainly decorated with purple, orange, and black colors with repetitive pattern that reminds me of some plants. Or maybe a royal gate pattern. Whichever you choose. Oversized is also Frida’s new favorite. Each dress seems to go extremely loose and large on model’s body, flowing around the runway like it’s made of air and oxygen (oxygen is definitely different with plain air).

We have to realize though that, even though the dresses are all oversized, they are still somehow giving us rich, thick sexy aura (maybe because they have very deep V neck? Like so deep, you can get some deep stares from men (well, from people actually) all over the world). Sexy and comfortable at the same time? Better never underestimate a Gucci’s woman!

My favorite moment must be when the oranges and blacks slowly beginning to change into metallic glittery green and blue, ah… refreshing! All those oranges and red-shades are just too much for my poor eyes.

I guess Gucci had a good time this season. The show was not truly mind blowing or theatrical, but I like it’s classic sexy vibe and since we haven’t heard anything from Gucci these past few weeks…. it’s always good to have one luxurious brand back in our talks.

The only thing I hate is sometimes Gucci can be a little bit dense in term of sexiness. Like having  to drink a super thick margarita. It’s great, but it’s just sickening afterwards. I blame the amount of dresses that walked down the runway, the dense effect probably won’t happen, if you only have ONE dress from the show.

Ah… how sad it is….

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