Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Being doubted by people sucks. Trying to be different while constantly being under pressure sucks. And having the need to awe people also sucks. I guess I can’t live like Mary Katrantzou. There are a lot of fashion journalists and bloggers all over the internet debating how Mary would present her new collection this season. Prints are not really in everyone’s heart right now and there is nothing really surprising anymore from her. She used to be different. Special designer. But with these much concerns, will she fall into a regular designer?

I wouldn’t waste my time concerning designers like Mary Katrantzou.

Okay, maybe prints are not really surprising anymore and we have learned a thing or two about how to wear it, but it doesn’t mean Mary has lost her trump card. More like she just needs to flip the card a bit different.

You see, prints are very subjective technique for design students. Each people has different vision and it almost impossible to guess what kind of print people have in mind when they are trying to make one.

This season I think it’s a combination of flowers, something mechanical, kimono inspired, and giant belts’ images (for the prints) for Mary Katrantzou. The prints are perfect like usual and all the clothes seem to line up right on the runway (I can’t say no to ruffled mini dresses and simple asymmetric coats). Some people were taking huge breath of relief (especially investors) and some of them are not… quite convinced.

I am the later.

Well, yeah, I know I stand for Mary in the first two paragraphs, but I mean that as a supports not a fan words (I am a fan too, but please can we talk about this later?!) I am still trying to be objective here and according to my objective eyes, those clothes are not going to beat some serious asses like before (this is the problem of being a breakthrough designer, everyone will compare your collection to the most successful one)(in that case, it sucks). Those clothes are normal. This collection is normal. And the show could have been better, if she worked on the stage design more thoughtfully (too plainnnn…. need more showwww. Sorry, but you know fashion weeks isn’t just about clothes, it is also a SHOW).

I am beginning to question myself is it true that Mary has already stuck in her repetitive print technique?

But she did try something different a few seasons ago (which also gave her a lot of praises and critics), right?

So what’s the problems? Maybe the clothes are too boring for me, maybe it’s too commercial, maybe it’s just my mood. One thing for sure: after seeing this collection, I will need a huge dose of Mary Katrantzou classic print 2.0 next season.

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