Prada Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Finally, the big one is here! I always adore Prada in discreet way because stating that you love Prada is just a cliche. Everyone loves it too! Who can possibly hate Prada? This brand always create something different and fresh for fashion world each season. I remember seeing a woman photographed with sneaker-wedges or flame-heels and I instantly thought: Prada. Only Prada can come up with those kind of trends.

Not only giving bizarre trends, Prada is also about quality control. There is a reason why everything looks expensive, recognizable and classic in Prada store (or in major fashion editorials). Uh, I usually don’t even want to put a step on the store because it’s just too much tears of shame to handle (how much is this bag? What?!?!!? US$ 15000?!?!?!?)

Well, at least, not for now.

Back to the runway, this season Miuccia Prada is bringing her chic sporty trend back. But no wedges or sneakers this time. I think it should be something between sporty and arts. Just look at the clothes, they’re painted with heavy paintings of someone’s faces that make me feel like I am taking a tour into a Museum, an art museum, instead of watching a live stream in my bedroom miles away from Milan.

Not enough with faces, Miuccia also added something peculiar in her clothes. The vast majority of the dresses have this weird, awkward pattern that looks like bra. Well, wearing bra on the top of your clothes is not a new thing (Madonna had done it before!), but it’s just a trend that I never thought to make a comeback into the industry. Huff… I guess this is the magic of Prada show. Always expect the unexpected (except you have seen the Marc Jacobs show this season).

One thing that separates Prada and the rest of the world is her sense of feminine and how she somehow creates different version from other designers. When people thought about white for summer and spring, she decided to go against it boldly. Colors are falling into Prada’s spring collection.

It’s blue, green, rainbow colors. And shades of darker colors also take parts in the collection, creating an artistic loneliness sad dusty mood (hmm, that mood when  painter or artistic people don’t want to talk to anyone and just shut themselves in their studios… things like that). Nothing too white or too dark. To make up for her bold, plain choice of colors, Miuccia adds some sparkles as decorations that looks pretty much like diamonds, embroidered beautifully to the clothes.

It’s just too beautiful….

I can’t complain about the collection or the show this time (maybe about the socks or leg warmer or the strange fact that Miuccia made coats during summer collection). Everything is right on the standard, the surprise effect is working like usual, everything is perfectly made (and easy to wear), and everything looks really too good to be true.

Maybe it is too good to be true. Prada is also known for it’s high price, you know. We won’t even able to see the clothes for about a year and half from now. Aww, truly heartbreaking!

P.S: Plus, is it me or I can see some models are wearing feathers-like-headband on their heads? Man, this can be a cross of something sporty, something artsy, and something bohemian!

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