by gimmegoodstyle


Hiya guys! How are you? Or I supposed to ask your phone first. How is your phone doing?

I ask this question a lot and people just answer with mournful faces. Nah, my phone is not really fine, the battery/screen/keyboards/memory is messing up. Again. Well, I can see that phone or other electronic devices aren’t designed for a long term use.

Me for example, I change my phone at least once a year (either I crush it to pieces or it’s growing into an old man in no time). Maybe twice, if I break something that is too expensive to repair (like logic board something). It is annoying to imagine how much money I spend and how much time I waste looking for another perfect phone that will absolutely only last for a year (or two, if I am lucky).

Enough, I said!

I know most of you think the same with me. That’s why you are still reading this post, aren’t you? Well, if you do, please take a look at Phonebloks. A new concept phone that is made of… well, blocks. Don’t get it wrong. It’s a special blocks attached to special board and joined by two screwdrivers to keep the phone solid and perfectly designed.

As you can see, this Phoneblocks is super super versatile. You can customize it the way you want, whatever your needs are. You just have to remove the blocks and change it with the ones you like.

Everything is available in Blokstore.

Need a new battery-block? Blokstore. New bigger camera? Blokstore.  New memory? Blokstore. New screen with full QWERTY keyboard? Blokstore.

The concept is the same when you suddenly break one of the components, even the screen. Calm down, no need to panic. Just erased the one that you broke and change it with a new block. Like playing Lego! A really cool Lego.

This way, you can save your money AND environment because you can imagine how much electronic waste we throw to the earth each year. Look at your Samsung Galaxy Note or Apple, then times 1000000000000000000000. You got the point.

Of course, every good thing comes the last. This Phonebloks is still a concept (WHAAATTTTT!?!?!?!?)  And every concept needs a lot of efforts to make it come true. I, myself, can’t do a lot. But YOU and I can do more things together.

Please, I beg you to click this Phonebloks official site and give your applause (Lady Gaga, you should be proud of me). If we are lucky (and help this project socially), there is a big chance this project will come to life. Wow, living in a world where I only need to buy blocks instead of expensive, difficult to find electronic components I never find interesting (or understandable).

It’s perfect, you know.