Versace Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Versace’s runway was dominated with trees and green colored runway. I was so sure the collection would be something that is based on nature. Maybe a leaf-dress or rose coat like the one John Galliano made years ago. But I was wrong. Everyone seemed to be wrong.

Donatella Versace chooses to play with her classic theme. A bad girl with a little bit rock star attitude, metal studs lover and definitely a fan of a sexy body. There is a lot of metal elements combined with denim material yet I can still feel the elegance and high fashion aura from the dress.

Okay, maybe even the dress has some deep cleavages and peek-a-boo parts, but the volumed bottom and the classic shade of black really compromise the sexiness, add a little classiness vibe, and proof to the world that a sexy dress never can be mistaken for a whore dress.

We are not sluts-of-the-runway people.

Well, the collection is rocking like usual, but I felt bad for the trees and decorated runway. They’re too good to be wasted just because of a oh-I-suddenly-change-the-theme accident.

I think Donatella has that concept in her mind too. The clothes suddenly take turn from dark to something a bit softer. Really soft green, yellow, different colors combined in line-pattern, and soft purple (or violet) colors joined the group in form of short jacket, skirt with front slit, and of course sexy dresses that we’ve talked about before.

Ah, I understand now why the runway was greenish and there were trees hanging out on each side.

What truly amazes me is not the forest-y collection or the bad girl attitude at the beginning of the show, it is the last numbers. Long dresses with a piece of embroidered metallic fabric hanging loose on one side of the dress, following the fluid movements of the models. If it’s not what people call ‘sexy elegance’, then I have no idea what the community wants.

These dresses are futuristic, glamour, brave, a bit dense, and remind me of ‘liquid silver’ (aka luxury). Donatella successfully bounced me up from rock-n-roll stage to forest in the depth of Milan. and back to the high-fashion world, where luxury is not just a world. It’s reality.

Put on your seatbelt people!

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