Emilio Pucci Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


(And sorry for not blogging these past two days. So much to do!)

First thing that came up to my mind during the Emilio Pucci Spring 2014 live stream show was… wait, I have seen that outfit before! And that too. Where? When? How? Why?

Those are classic questions people think rapidly when they see something strange. Peter Dundas never copied anyone or anything, he is inspired. And now it is clear that this season, Rihanna has inspired him. Oh please, she is a pop star that really likes to dress up as a ‘true hip hop girl from Queens!’… or maybe Barbados. She is easily one of the most recognizable fashion icons!

The printed skirts, heavily decorated tops, tribal patterns (I thought tribal was out of date!), and lots of sporty items like (cough!) jogging shorts and gym jackets. And to make the connection to Rihanna even stronger, the hair even looks like hers. The low bangs, the over confident expression, the ah-I-am-breathing-and-you-will-still-call-me-sexy lips, the seductive eyes without too much eye shadows.

Those are Riri’s and she will definitely take credits for that.

The collection is indeed younger than usual. I feel zero gypsy atmosphere Peter once so famous of. I think it’s a good thing to go a bit pop star because seriously a lot of rich teens dressed up like preppy girl ala Blair for too long! Wake up girls! Time to get a bit modern, Gossip Girl is truly overrr….

Rihanna, Rita Ora, Britney (this lady never get out from the game! Britney bitch!!), and other raising pop singers can be your new inspiration. They know how to change in order to win the heart of everyone (Britney went bad and we all talked about her and then she went good and we talk about her like she is the best role model in the world)(and don’t even get me started on Rihanna’s beat-on-off relationship with *yawn* Chris Brown).

Of course, Peter Dundas and Emilio Pucci will help you morph into a true pop-star girl… without being too much or out of high-fashion!

Images taken from Style.com

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