5 Thoughts About Glee Season 5 Episode 1

by gimmegoodstyle


Yeay! Glee is back! So much fun! So much more time singing lovely pop songs and dancing around and loving each of your friends with their weaknesses. Oh, so happy!!!

Maybe not that happy though. You see, I am still a big fan of Rachel and friends (by friends, I mean Kurt and the others ‘original’ members. They’re the best, don’t you think?), but Season 4 is a mess for me. Drama drama drama and more unnecessary drama.

It’s like they have changed from happy singing group of teenagers to soaked up young adults with nothing to do than trying to go to New York and ‘find’ yourselves with more bad guys (prostitute! Oh, no!) waiting to ruin your hearts and (ah!) voices.

Wait, it sounds like a real story….

The point is: Season 4? Not so good. Season 5? A slight hope of change.

Well, I just watched the first episode a few minutes ago (ha, internet for you!) And I have some really demanding-to-post thoughts in my head. So, let’s see….

  1. It’s The Beatles assignment…. I don’t really like old pop songs, even the classic ones. Don’t know any Beatles song. Don’t care much about The Beatles (except one of them is a father to Stella McCartney!) So, there is nothing special for me about ‘The Beatles weeks’ aka The Biggest Musical Number ever in Glee…. Hmm, definitely nothing special for me.
  2. Rachel is not a star. Funny Girl? Not for ya, Rachel. You can say she is pretty much in… waitress mode. Yeah, some people do have to pay their rents. And all-out-in-a-restaurant dance number with Santana as duet partner? Love it! But still don’t know the song….
  3. Where is Demi Lovato? People (well, bloggers) said she was going to make appearance in first episode. I am telling you, I didn’t see her and I won’t. So stop the rumors alreaddyyyyyy (maybe she is in episode two?)
  4. Klaine is back! Ah, so sweet. Ah, so pro-gay. Ah, so like it!
  5. Klaine is engaged. WHATTT?!?!?!?! What about too-young-to-be-married problems? What happened? The Beatles effect?! (Truth to be told, the song Blaine sings when he is proposing to Kurt is just too much to handle! So good… But, still, too young to be married!!)

P.S: I am waiting for special-dedicated-to Cory edition aka Finn Hudson. Ugh, I miss his voice and acting so much.

P.P.S: I am not surprised Sue is back as principal. Yes, PRINCIPAL. And no ‘OMIGOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU, SON OF THE DEVIL!’ whatever. This lady has been around for ages, from bad to good, and she is definitely coming back. If she wasn’t coming back, who would take her place then? WHO?

You can watch Glee Season 5 Episode 1 here. 

What do you think?