How Good Are Your Eyes?

by gimmegoodstyle


National Geographic is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I even skip buying Vogue US (traitor!) to buy one or two National Geographic magazines. It just feels really cool to actually read (not skip) something more scientific (makes me feel smarter than usual) and less… expensive than high fashion. Let’s not play who-is-your-favorite here. I love both nature and fashion in equal ways.

Anyway, I come here not to talk about how I equally love fashion and science, but I want to tell you NatGeo is holding a competition to celebrate their 125th anniversary. Wow, 125 years of adventure and scientific articles about earth and it’s exotic places, this magazine has been around for ages!

Okay, the assignment (or competition) is to capture how the world is changing around you. It can be your furnitures, it can be your garden, or it can be the melting geysers of North Pole, if you want to go all the way (if I were you, I won’t be able to capture anything in North Pole or whatever Pole. TOOOO COOOLLLDDDD). Ah, the winner will be NatGeo’s guests in Santa Fe, New Mexico, attending fun workshop about photography, etc etc for 5 days.

Sounds like real fun, right?

P.S: the curators are senior photo editor from NatGeo magazine, Sadie Quarrier, and acclaimed photographer, Cory Richards. Better go post your picture quick (the due date is 22nd October 2013 to post your photo and 29th October to vote others’) because I can sense the competition heating up. HOT!

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