Chanel Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Chanel runway was a plain concrete cement catwalk with clean white pathways. The main attractions were some random art pieces, which are Chanel-inspired (like robotic Chanel Number 5 statue -already sold), scattered on the walls and giant Chanel logo right in the corner of the runway. Yes, we were once again fell deep into Karl’s vision. This season, we were taking a quick 2-hours-something trip to Chanel Art School.

The show started formally with Chanel classic pieces, tweeds jackets and little skirt with formal cuttings. But Karl decided to give the old classic outfits a bit ‘upgrade’ by turning the ‘usual, formal, neat’ tops into a semi crop tops (crop tops are STILL hot, I am telling you!) and all of them came in different shades of delightful pink, white and beiges/creme.

Through the middle of the show, I was beginning to understand where the show was going. Karl poured different painting techniques onto the clothes. There were black and white colors, combined in skillful manner until you can see how the black looks more like soft pastel on canvas (real canvas!) than on clothes (let’s say this part of the show is the ‘process’). Different combinations of black and grey and white filled my eyes with their glories before finally turning into more mainstream splash of colors.

Art-inspired pieces became more visible (and understandable. I guess you can say that this is the ‘result’) in the last minute of the show. The dresses were beginning to filled with patches of colors that reminds me of color-boxes in art store. You know, the one that tells you what shade of colors available and where to find it.

One thing I like about Karl is his vivid imagination to make the themes literally visible in the collection.

Last season he made a Hula-hoop bag to represent ‘wind mile’ (hula-hoop and wind mile? Don’t ask me, but both of them have this active, keep on moving feelings that pretty much connects them as a collection. Still, don’t ask me). This time he made messy-chic backpacks, canvas-like handbags (another sign that Karl indeed has something going on with big big bags), stained classic Chanel bags, and multicolored lego clutches.

Yes, even though the (middle phase of the collection) clothes never really reveal to me their arts-inspired sides, I don’t even need to think when I look at the accessories. Pff, they’re truly artsy. No need to argue about it anymore.

In short, I love it. I love everything from the collection. And I assure you that this is not because I have stayed away from fashion for one full week, it’s because… this is a refreshing collection. Art is the greatest escape from the harsh world one could make, while still keep the mind on the ground.

And there is no better guide than Mr. Kaiser Lagerfeld.

Images taken from


The Atmosphere