The One With The Second Chance

by gimmegoodstyle


When it comes to love, I have this strict rule not to give your ex the ‘second chance.’ Yes, I am not a really romantic person. But I try to make up for that by giving other things second chance.

Like… Birkenstock.

Gah, I know I know, better put risk on love than other pair of Birkenstock.

The last time I got myself a real Birkenstock sandal was when I was still in elementary school. Man, I remember those sandals cost me a lot. A LOT. And I was still a kid! How cruel! Eventually my first pair became so painful for my little feet (what a lie! I already had a big feet years ago!) and I chose to silently threw it away.

Far far away.

Peace for years to come before suddenly the world decided to face me again with the fact that everyone is wearing Birkenstock. Kids to adults. And they even wear the same pair that I used to have. It’s brown, it’s made of leather and hard soles. It hurts (physically and wallet-ly).

(But, maybe it won’t hurt anymore because I have grown a hard layer of skin during the absence of Birks)

Well, if it’s how the universe want to play, then I will follow it. Let’s try a different pattern though with new Birks sandals. They have this.. um, quite chic… patterns and prints to match your (yawn) personalities whatsoever.

I will choose the white ones.

Yes, yes, yes don’t even bother to ask how I am going to keep it clean.

Images taken from Style Bubble