The End of An Era

by gimmegoodstyle

lvspring14 sartorialist edited

“the women who inspire me and the showgirl in every one of them”

Marc Jacobs is leaving Louis Vuitton! I can’t believe this…. Well, before you guys turn your eyeballs and decided to write something more objective (aka more informative and not awkward blabbering)(in that case, go to Vogue UK), I want you to know that;

First, I know designers come and go in big fashion houses, hell, they even can be fired from their own label (uh.. how are you Galliano?), but Marc and LV were just perfect together. They were this one most solid team in the industry, never got bad news or criticism.

Second, I know he leaves to focus on his own brand, which means we will still can see his genius works next season. But I am telling you… it’s such a pain in the ass to not see his works twice in one season.

I care so much about this news because Marc is not just a famous designer for me. He is like the one designer that teaches me more than any teacher can. Okay, maybe he can be a little too ‘bold’ in term of words and his works don’t always come up right for me. But he always have this blazing creativity that makes me green with envy. He knows how to make clothes and to make a show and to sell it. LV under his wings is not a century old brand, it’s a fresh, growing, chic brand just like the designer himself.

Aw, too bad he has to leave Louis Vuitton…

PS: And it’s official that the highest position in creative division of Louis Vuitton is empty. Who will be the next ’emperor’?

PPS: Need more time to mourn about this news…. will post about Paris Fashion Week later later later later.

Image taken from The Sartorialist and edited by Gimme Good Style