I Heart Trousers

by gimmegoodstyle


You probably have noticed fall is already falling on the street. No denim, no crop tops. Summer charm is starting to freeze and back to it’s hot box somewhere over the atlantic (what’s over the atlantic by the way?)

Actually the end of summer means more joy than before because fall is the time when new designers’ collections arrived (fashion weeks!) and magazines are busily trying to shape trends again with their so-called Fall Issue aka September Issue aka The Glossiest Bunch of Advertisement In A Year. In order to steal the start (well, not really. I am still the laziest person you will ever meet), I am going to leak one of my favorite fall-trends…. drum roll please for… the trousers!

Forget about wearing your torn up denim shorts (you don’t want to freeze and take refuge with others fashion victims, do you?) because you can also look elegant, chic and sexy (geeky sexy maybe?) in trousers! Choose wisely, especially for those who are not-as-tall-as *put your favorite model’s name here or maybe actress OR Taylor Swift because she is freakishly envyingly tall!*

Image taken from Park and Cube. Edited by Gimme Good Style