What’s New & What’s Old

by gimmegoodstyle

artcoat garancedore.fr

I am going to wear coat for Fall! A really really nice coat, maybe I will even buy the one in Vogue!!

Well yeah, what a nice thought girl. A coat is a must have thing during fall and it is also one of the most stylish items in fashion world (geez, do I sound like RPG maniac?) But wearing a coat is the same with eating bread for breakfast.

It tastes good, but nothing special since half of the globe do the same thing every morning. It would be crazy to blabber hysterically about eating croissant for breakfast, no? Unless you are talking to someone who is committing a permanent diet. Same case with coat.

Even though you are buying the ones from Vogue (if you do, I suggest you to buy the Versace zebra stripped mink coat with bright collar. A total nightmare for PETA, but sweet sweet dream for fashioners), no one will give a shit.

Okay, time to tune the level up a little bit. When everything seems boring, go look for art. Then combine those things together and voila! A not-so-new-but-more-beautiful stuff has born. That’s why I am suggesting you instead of busily finding the right coat to cover your whole body during Fall, why don’t you look for something that covers your whole body and has some artsy print on the fabric? Cool, huh.

Oh, when you are wearing one, don’t pay too much attention to the non-fashioners society around you. They’re gazing to the girl next to you. Not you. Not you. Not you. Repeat the mantra several times in the street, a few times in your office, and thousands times in the subway. You will be fine little Picasso.

Image taken from Garance Dore. Edited by Gimme Good Style