Sandra Bullock For Vogue

by gimmegoodstyle


Have you guys watched ‘GRAVITY’ yet? Well, it’s quite silly to ask because I am sure you already have (or at least heard someone telling their friends out loud ‘the movie is AWESOME you guys have to watch it!!!!!’ Um, that’s me actually).

Well, I have this strange feeling, like a voice telling me that Sandra Bullock (playing as the main character; an astronaut loses her way back to Earth after her space shuttle gets hit by flying space debrises. ALONE in SPACE. How’s that make you feel?!) is going to get an Oscar nomination for that.

I am not sure why….

Maybe because the fact that she spent hours of training in real spacesuit while trying to keep her natural ‘I am scared to death, I am alone in space!’ expression….

And Vogue US chose her as the main cover for October 2013 issue?

Read the full interview here. One more thing that I have to say… well, okay, two more things: First, she is very humble for A-list celebrities standard. Second, she is beautiful, but don’t you think she is prettier with long hair? No? Okay then….

Image taken from Vogue US. Edited by Gimme Good Style