Geek of the Day: Martin Rietze

by gimmegoodstyle

martin rietze volcanic photos

It’s been a long time since the last time we talked about art and photography. Ah, those good old days are coming back for sure. I don’t know why I stopped writing about art, maybe because fashion weeks were taking my last drop of artistic blood and turned all of them into a monstrous critics with undying thirst for good show. Now, that’s scary.

In that case, we need something explosive to break the fashion weeks’ leftover walls and join the normal, creative, less-demanding world. Again. And tell me, I beg you to tell me, what can be more explosive than a giant volcanic eruption.

Answer: nothing.

Well, probably nuclear bombs, but I am such a strict person when it comes to showing off war photos, etc etc. Plus, there is nothing interesting or beautiful about nuclear bombs. Sorry geeks. For me, those big bombs just either explode or leave tons of radiations. Or both.

On the other hand, volcanoes do explode. But they leave new lands for people to rebuild their farms and lives. Isn’t it cool? What’s cooler is Martin Rietze volcanic eruptions photos of one of Japan’s volcano (sorry, can’t remember which volcano. Need a bit help here… anyone…?)

Most of you may say that Martin didn’t really have different, more interesting angles than other photographers. Well, I am telling you, National Geographics have featured some of his works (you already know how cool it is to be featured on NatGeo! Am I typing too much ‘cool’ words in one post??) and if you look a bit closer, you will see tons of tiny little wonders hidden beneath all those pretty solid pixels.

What can I say? I am a fan of his works.

And volcanoes. Bam bam bam!!

Images taken from Martin Rietze. Edited by Gimme Good Style