The Row & Us

by gimmegoodstyle

the row ss14

New York Fashion Week has ended. That’s right, no need to panic and has a bad dream because of this post (something like: omigod, I am late for the next show where I have to stand and try to report everything in one simple column!!!! Not to mention my glamorous boss is actually a living bitch. Lucky you Andrea Sachs!)

What I am trying to say is… even though NYFW (no hashtag please!) is over, there are some shows that I can’t still forget. The Row is on the top of that list. I really like the simplicity, whiteness, pureness and whatever-ness you can come up with from the show.

Not to mention the number-one-no-need-to-doubt materials or how famous the designers are.

The idea of owning a really white clothes thrilled me before I realized how much sandwich I eat everyday and how many shirts I’ve ruined.

Still… what a good show….

Image taken from Edited by Gimme Good Style