by gimmegoodstyle


Simplicity has taken a new level this season.

Well… it’s probably not only this season… whatever, I am trying to convince you I do know some of the latest trends. The truth is I don’t really care about new trends. Who cares about buying new clothes straight from the runway when you can also look chic with simple outfit?*

Some of you may think I speak the truth (and believe me, I am speaking the truth. Even though some of those businessmen behind the curtain won’t like it), while some of you think there is no possible way to look good without buying new stuffs… like accessories.

Oh, come on! Accessories are changing quickly and people always mentally interrogated us (aka judging us) from our accessories, it’s just logical to buy new accessories, right? RIGHTTT?! 

That’s true, accessories are the number one media to judge people. But that doesn’t mean we have to ditch all of our money to buy accessories. You just have to follow my favorite line: invest on something you really really like (and has some real values. Gold is goooddd…) Simple accessories aren’t always bad, even though the designers seem to have a sacred meeting inside their fashion dungeons and agreed to take down simplicity from accessory line.

Plus, you can always wear them ON your sweater’s sleeves. Chic.

If you insist on buying ‘extravagant’ accessories, you can buy them from yard sale.

Or even better… just sneak into your room mate/sister/brother (possible!)/mother (not the best choice, if you are one of those oh-my-god-I-forget-where-I-place-my-stuff persons), open their cupboards slowly… and say to yourself: She won’t be back for several hours, I can definitely borrow her stuffs! We are such best friendsssssss!!!! 

And that’s how you simplify your accessory problems.

*sorry, the real truth is I do know nothing about new trends? Geez, what’s going on while I was away?

Image taken from Garance Dore. Edited by Gimme Good Style