All The Party (aka #BHKMasquerade)

by gimmegoodstyle


I will kick someone straight on his face, when he says it’s easy to make a festival happen. Yeah, you only have to snap your fingers and ba-da! The drums are ready to roll, Lady Gaga is on the stage, and no need to worry about under-budget/over-budget thing. Life is easy…. in your dream suckers.

In the past few weeks, I have learned how hard it is to make an event. You can’t imagine how many times we call desperately for sponsors and trying so hard to decorate a really huge sport field without having to go bankrupt in one minute.

In short, I and all of my friends just had really rough weeks.

And we are not done yet.

It’s a tradition to finish a school sports festival with something big. This year, the ‘big’ thing is a full on MASQUERADE festival. We already have the masks, the bands, the foods, the drinks, but we only have one thing missing from the list.

Yeah, it’s you.

The party won’t be fun, if you don’t join us.

So grab your wallet (you need Rp 30.000,00 (just around US$ 3!) to get in. And much more money to buy whatever we have inside) and your party clothes because, I am telling you (listen carefully this time), we are going to have soooooooo much fuuuunnnn at FRIDAY, 25TH OCTOBER 2013 at 15.00-22.00 PM, BHK SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Rahayu Street Number 22, Grogol, West Jakarta

We are all waiting for you!

P.S: We have a lot of programs you absolutely HAVE to watch tomorrow, including Tango Dance Night, The Nelwans (well, you can say that they are the Boyce Avenue of Indonesia), Happy Holiday Indonesia (cool dancers, seriously), and other indie bands you won’t regret knowing (or listening)(they’re really good. Certified by me).

Come on guys, what are you waiting for?!!!?

P.P.S: Okay okay, you also can’t miss a chance to get to know me better. I’ll be there. Promise!!