Funny Clothes Are Funny People

by gimmegoodstyle

reihawaii cool jacket paris

It’s hard denying the fact that sometimes fashion writing is more like a science report than a light lifestyle column. In a bad way. Yep, that’s right, fashion has been becoming more serious in the past few years. Street style does help loosen up the knot a bit, but I notice even street style begins to take some kind of rules or theory to go with.

For example, you can only wear cartoon shirts or everything with cartoon character in it at home. If you wear those cartoon-y things outside your private zone, bam! The whole division of fashion police is already on your back with their special tazzers and new plain black t-shirt. Blargh.

All right, all right, sometimes I am also a strict when it comes to fashion (seriously, who can pull off a cartoon shirt? Answer: super models. Classic answer, no?)

You know what? I admit it. Fine. Now, it’s time to change. I am going to ditch all those ‘serious’ shirt and try to take some lessons from amazing people in this post’s photos. Jacket with silly writing and over-colored patterns? In. So-high-school-backpack? In. Fake tattoos? Oh, in in in. Everything is already in my shopping list.


Image taken from Jak and Jil. Edited by Gimme Good Style