Kenzo Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


If Chanel made us care about art during the last fashion week, Kenzo turned our scattered attentions to the sea. The centerpiece of the runway were dozens of small fountains, each of them sprayed water sprouts in perfect timing. Phew, I am sure the guests had to frown and dodge a little, especially the ones in the front row!

A little bit different from it’s colleague though, Kenzo didn’t bring us to the realm of coral fantasy (Alexander McQueen), or underwater adventure (Versace), or a great time on the beach with some friends and gypsies-inspired-bikinis (Pucci). Kenzo brought us to more serious matter. The one that no one has ever touched before, yet it is right in front of our very eyes.

The fish

At first I wasn’t aware that Kenzo was telling a fish story. Short leather dresses came in and out flawlessly, very street style and problem free (okay, I thought the concept was skinny bitches in perfect leather dresses). The the tides turned a bit deeper and I saw a lot of blue with dark…silhouette. I thought it was just random patterns, but it is not.

To be honest with you, I don’t really understand what the silhouette has to do with fish. Judging from the linear shapes and it’s movements, I think they resemble fishes’ silhouette under water. You know, the one that you usually see in TV ads, dancing freely in perfect choreography with it’s groups, creating a magical atmosphere in front of the photographer’s lens. It’s the same concept.

Of course Kenzo also did some fun pieces this season. After all it’s about joining the growing street style market. This season Kenzo throws all it’s eyes/tiger sweater out of the windows and start all new with sea-inspired tee delicately completed with ‘NO FISH… NO NOTHING’ slogan. A chic shout to remind us all that there are a lot of endangered fish species out there.

Yeah, look twice at your tuna now.

About the colors… Kenzo decided to use pink and blue this season apart from ‘must use’ colors like black and white. All of them blurred in solid pieces, proudly embracing fish patterns and silouhette.

This does not look like much, but I like it.

There is something calming about knowing fashion is also helping the environment. All this time we have been blamed for wasting natural resources and killing ‘furry cute’ animals. One thing that people forget is fashion community also cares about nature and we are trying to save it. Wearing one fur coat for a whole lifetime doesn’t mean we are bunch of hypocrites who like to torture endangered species.

So, if people forget this reasoning and complain again and again about how cruel fashion industry is, I will tell them to shut up and look at Kenzo Spring 2014 show.

Images taken from Edited by Gimme Good Style.