You Just Have To Sit

by gimmegoodstyle

sit there

Street style has been running out of poses since day one.

The facts that street style photo-shoot is not something you can plan and the objects aren’t really models is probably one of the reasons. If you look closer to some of the world’s most famous street style-litas, you’ll see that they actually only do one or two regular pose.

Smiling pose, check. Standing easily against a decorated art-deco pillar, check. Checking (possibly fake pose, but still works like a charm) their smartphones, check. Ah, and sometimes during Fashion Weeks, you’ll get a group shoot. That’s it. I successfully summarized the entire pose of street style in it’s long long history from the magazine’s try-out column to internet sensation to both. Face it street bloggers, you have possibilities to be boring.

We do see street style pictures to learn more about what’s really happening on the street and what other regular people wear stylishly yet still human, but the first thing people will see in a photo is the pose. The pose is awkward, the pose is boring, the pose is just too girly. Pose determines how the style will be interpreted in one’s brain. This what I call ‘street style first impression’.

If you get the pose right, then you will have a big opening and vice versa.

Keep your wild street style photographers jaws shut though. I am not here only to judge and criticize, I am not. I will give one of the poses that are so rarely seen I never knew exist in the first place before seeing the one in The Sartorialist (seriously, this blog is like the electric Bible for street style).

Get ready…. drum roll… it’s the sitting pose.

Well, sitting is not a rare thing in fashion photography world. A lot of people have been photographed sitting next to something or even on someone.

Yes yes, what’s new then?

The thing is.. street photography is different than an editorial. Sitting pose may be an old news in editorial, but I can see this pose as a breath of fresh air in street photography. I just like the relaxed atmosphere it gives, the easy confidence, the connection with our everyday activity. It’s like she is there, just like us. Not pretending to be one of the fashion editors from God-knows-what-magazine (you can always always spot the difference between a stylish passerby and a real fashion editor).

So simple yet so chic.

The problem is how to make someone sit in the middle of the street?! Uh-oh, we have a big big unsolved problem, don’t we? Actually no, you just have to find the right place and the right time (oh, and the right person too). Don’t take street style photography literally. Find somewhere else to find a chic style. I have seen a lot of beautiful girls and boys sitting in the park, untouched by photographers’ lens. And leave alone fashion week. If you are an established photographer, I am sure those newbies in fashion-street-world will gladly pose anything for you.

Even a wilder, dirtier pose than just a sit.

What I mean by that is a sleepy sexy Carrie Bradshaw pose. 

We will talk about sleepy pose latteeeerrrr… of course.

Image taken from The Sartorialist

P.S: Apologize for the silent treatment. My internet broke down. Again. But everything should be fine now. Yeay happy happy blogging!