Kurt Geiger Dino Pouch

by gimmegoodstyle

kurt geiger dino pouch parkandcube.com

Who called a pouch after the nickname of giant reptiles we usually called the ‘dinosaur’?

Well, Kurt Geiger might did, but I don’t really care at all.

Yesterday I checked Shini Park’s (aka Park and Cube) new blog entries and found this chic ‘dino’ waiting right on the corner of the page. No need to say anything, I instantly fall for the crocodile-leather texture and it’s mixed colors.

Plus, pouch is just so chic to handle! Actually that’s not entirely true. Every bag that you can carry with just one hand (or arm) is chic!

Love love love? Easy to say.

You can check the ‘dino’ here. As always, don’t forget your credit card numbers!

Check the ‘dino’ pouch here.

Image taken from Park and Cube. Edited by Gimme Good Style