Geek of the Day: Chris Johanson

by gimmegoodstyle

chris johanson

Chris Johanson is probably not a special name for you. And his works are probably not really recognizable inside your memories. But for his dearest ones, Chris is an awesome person.

How can he is not an awesome man, when he created a whole exhibition just about his beloved ones and nature?

Yes, Chris Johanson’s ‘Considering’, which is presented at The Modern Institute, is basically the physical manifestation of his minds and connections with nature and his dearest ones. The installment is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, there are different art shapes scattered across the room with questionable manner, invoking our curiosities.

At one side, there are canvases painted with simple shapes and bold colors. But when you look across the room, tree-shaped sculptures made of woods stand pridefully, filled with (again) bold exciting colors.

Of course, when you are done awe-ing those energetic installments, you have to take a walk into the middle of the room, where giant window frames built carefully by the artist stand awkwardly.

These all different pieces connect with each other and try really hard to tell us what’s really going on inside the artist’s head.

Okay, I may not really understand the whole concept of this exhibition (sorry guys, I have done my best translating the confusing, over professional press release) or the real meaning behind all those window frames (they still look cool, don’t they? I can use them as paper-hanger!) But when it comes to bold colors, playful strokes of paint brushes, and nature, well, what can I say? I am totally in!

Images taken from The Modern Institute (check the site for more information about Chris Johanson’s ‘Considering’).

Edited by Gimme Good Style.