Slip N Out

by gimmegoodstyle

slip on sneakers by tommy ton

Ah, sneakers!

There is no end when it comes to sneakers. It seems like everytime I want to stop mentioning sneakers suddenly the newest ones popped out and I just can’t help myself to talk about it.

Maybe this happens because I don’t really have anything else to wear on my feet. You know, guy-wardrobe-problem kind of thing (it happens to my tops, my jeans, my shorts. Okay, everything inside my wardrobe looks monotone and predictable. Hate it). Anyway, this time I want to talk a really important item for you guys to wear.

This item is very very versatile, cool, chic, easy to wear, and probably not too crazy expensive. In short, this is a must have item. MUST-HAVE, with all capitals.

Okay… it’s sneakers, but it requires no tying up here and there (means no one can suddenly undo your shoe laces and tie it in totally… asshole ways) because… it’s slip on sneakers.

It was kinda weird for me at first hearing the term ‘slip on sneakers’ because I never heard it at all. We call those kinds of sneakers by ‘shoes’ or something like that.

But slip on sneakers is totally a cooler way to talk about these bad boys. Anyway, I already have one myself (even though it’s not really ‘sneaker-y’)  and I truly love it. It’s like being sporty without having to do any sports at all (cheating, but who cares at all?) And still look good.

Now, the question is.. do you have one?

And if you don’t, when are you going to have it?

Image taken from by Tommy Ton. Edited by Gimme Good Style