New In Vuitton

by gimmegoodstyle

Nicolas-Ghesquiere for vuitton

Marc Jacobs might have thrown the imperial seat of Louis Vuitton, but that doesn’t mean LV is going to sit down and grumble all day. Nah, this is the industry that appreciate crazy personal choice and quickly changing trends (by trends I also mean people who create them).

It just a matter of time before LV choose the new creative designer and they already did!

The whole world is talking about this man right now (and Wikipedia just updated his biography), so I am sure you don’t need further introduction. Please welcome the new Louis Vuitton designer: Nicolas Ghesquière (alright fellas, if you look closer at  the picture, I did a few mistakes spelling his name. Sorry!)

He has done an amazing job in Balenciaga (who can forget his works? And Balenciaga?) and I can’t wait to see what kind of magic he will do to Louis Vuitton.

Wow, next season will be fantastically deliciously controversial!

Image from Google. Edited by Gimme Good Style.