Should Make A Comeback

by gimmegoodstyle

beanie come back please!

Fall, yeay! Now, what are we going to wear this season? Some of the crazy fashionistas may shout: Alexander McQueen, Rochas, Paco Rabanne, Kenzo! But some of us who are not that lucky probably will say: same old same old.

Yes, I am also the latter. Quite a tragedy.

Don’t be sad though, not able to afford Alexander McQueen gown (or Hedi Slimane suit) doesn’t mean we are less worthy to feel beautiful (or handsome) than all those skinny bitches (sorry, I have to pick side this time). There are a lot other accessories that are accessible, while also quite reasonable for our pockets.

Beanie, for example. Okay, beanie is not really a trend for me. This item is like ‘forever here-forever there, even though no one really cares.’

Don’t you think it’s sad?

Anyway, beanie: very cheap. I’ve talked about this too many times before (December-after christmas). I just want to say one more thing; for those who’ve bought beanie before, but don’t know how to style it to look a bit new this season…

Pick a jar of glue, paint, a lot of newspaper, crystal studs, and DIY spirit. We are going to have a crazy, dirty, artsy, good time (while saying: eat that skinny bitches in gorgeous Raf Simons for Dior Haute Couture dresses!)(So mainstream, we don’t need them!)

Image taken from Vanessa Jackman.

Plus, a link to chic Garance Dore’s post about making a cool DIY-jeweled-beanie. Very easy, even though I haven’t really tried it. Okay… maybe never really try it, but you can do it by yourself, right?