Stretis Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

stretis fall13

Call me an idiot for forgetting to post about Stretis since a month ago.

Sorry guys, there have been a lot of things going on until now and I needed time to concentrate on what’s important. And, yeah, marshmallows and F.R.I.E.N.D.S are more important than fashion. Those two are my Saturday Night’s Special.

Anyway, back to fashion, there is something fun going on in the house of Stretis this Fall season (well, if you are calender-based-fashionista, you can call it last fall.)

You are probably thinking by ‘fun’ I mean something with sparkles and glitters and oh-so-Katy-Perry fashion (seriously, Katy is like the ultimate sweet fashionista. Everything about her is so sweet except when she was so sad after her divorce with Russel Brand)(Wait.. why are we gossiping?!? FOCUSSS!!!) But some of us have bigger fantasies, and in their fantasies there are no glitters, sparkles, or Katy Perry (so sorry Katycats!)

There is glow in the dark materials though and this one covers most of the disappointments with ease.

Seriously, have you ever worn something made of glow in the dark material? Hmm, you probably have (I personally worn it last February for school trip to a village in Java. So sporty, chic, and made my back looked like crazy neon lights until the whole village stared at me like I was a freak/evil/angel/supernatural-kid/just-pure-freak)(my friends thought I had a cool jacket before decided I shouldn’t wear it to retreat)(that is my first failure with glow in the dark.)

Let me upgrade the shock atmosphere a little. Have you ever worn a dress made of glow in the dark material and still look chic, not chemically white, monotone, and NOT filled with candle’s grease*?

No, you haven’t, except you know Stretis Fall 2013 collection… and already bought one or two pieces from them. Let me tell you, this is chic AND unique.

We all know we want to be chic and unique, it’s like the final accomplishment for fashionista wannabe.

*Okay, cheap glow-in-the-dark clothes use some kind of candles that leave marks EVERYWHERE on the clothes, it’s like you are wearing a fabric made of grease or even worse than that.

Images taken from Style Bubble.