Being Mature

by gimmegoodstyle

concrete blazer and maria luisa

It’s funny to think this is coming from me who is obsessed with dressing up younger than you really are. Yes, for example, I still like to wear shorts and t-shirts, when all my friends have slowly changed to shirts and more appropriate jeans.

Lately, I have changed my mind about a few things though. I changed my regular funny t-shirts with something… stricter and I am saying goodbye to my old cargo pants. Okay, maybe I can’t wear jeans all the time, but I am slowly adapting to it.

(Well, I just finished my short-and-t-shirt Sunday though, but you can’t count Sunday! Who likes to dress up on Sunday?!)

It’s like starting a new routine without people telling me what to do. A spontaneous change that surprises even me. A change that most people call as maturity.

I am telling you, it’s hard to describe what it really feels like (it just too awkward to write), but one thing I am sure of is; it feels good! There is no hidden judgement or advice in it. Just a silent private acceptance and a new life.

I used to think being mature happens because people tell you to be one. They judge you, you accept their judgement, and change yourself based on the conclusion of all the advice, which we are not really comfortable with.

But it isn’t!

Maturity is the phase when you finally realized you need to change. It just happens from the inside. Like: snap! I need to change this and that habits of mine, start a new page, start a new life! No scoldings needed, no advice, no shout. Of course the process is slow and sometimes painful (ew, who bought those hideous plaid shirts in the first place?!), but it worths a new life.

I guess, all we have to in order to be a mature human being is just take time, while trying to recount everything we’ve done in life. Without pressure (the most important point!)

One more note: Maturity? Doesn’t apply only for teenagers. Come-on! There is a reason why ‘life starts at 40’.

Image taken from Garance Dore. Edited by Gimme Good Style.