Breaking The Ice

by gimmegoodstyle


Sometimes I question the world of technology in many ways. Recently, the question hovers around Stefano Pilati’s silent debut in Agnona, an Italian company under Zegna’s gigantic menswear wings.

After bowed down from his last show for YSL last year, a show filled with fetish-related materials, Stefano seemed to just disappear from the spotlight, even though he never really is a fame-driven fashion designer from the start.

The silence was so vivid, I thought he left the industry for sure because he was traumatized by business-mad-men from YSL (okay, a lot happened down there, I am sure of it.) Thanks to Vogue US though, Stefano is willingly back under the spotlight, promoting (or talking goodly about) his new collection and new work atmosphere in Agnona.

For the collection itself, the terms of simplicity and elegant take a new twist inside Pilati’s head.

Combinations of high-waisted skirts, plaids, beige colored pants (the pants is a bit office-y, but still quite relaxed) with simple plain tops (soft plaid patterns showing up rarely) are marvelous, the styling is just simply chic (take your note because the collection gives a lot of new inspirational ways to wear soft colors, especially for the ones who like vintage-inspired-slash-menswear-slash-girly style.)

In short, the whole items are quite accessible… to imagine, at least. The prices seem to haven’t changed a bit.

Apart from the less-controversial collection, the rests are an okay. The cuttings and other technical requirements are filled fantastically with high-fashion standard, but I don’t find anything really… intriguing.

For me, Stefano (along with his works) is more like a nuclear radiation than a bomb. You know it’s there (and it’s contagious), but you just can’t see it. It’s invisible, yet will always be there for years to come.

Images taken from Fashionista. Edited by Gimme Good Style.

See the full Stefano Pilati for Agnona collection here.