by gimmegoodstyle

petit h hermes

High fashion world is filled with crazy people. I am truly serious this time. It’s no secret that high fashion world demands quality over quantity to the level of insanity from the outsiders’ eyes.

According to fashion myth, Hermés (I know you know it) will throw everything away and start from scratch, if someone in the house sees a flaw in… anything. Imagine throwing an already complete croc leather bag just because there is a un-erasable fingerprint on it.

Disaster. True disaster.

But for the new Hermés Petit H division, more waste from the main brand means more fortune. The division is created solemnly to recycle all the waste Hermés throw away.

Of course, don’t expect them to be a bunch of people who can use magic and repair anything and everything. They can’t repair a broken US$ 5000 bag, but they can cast a charm on it and…. voila!

The bag has turned into a beautiful belt, flawless necklace, a bunch of cool thin leather bracelet and mini car for your stylish little boy.


No need to say more, Petit H is a dream come true for those eco-fashion lovers. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty craving for Birkin Bag, which is probably made of thousand poor leathers, because you know all those ‘failures’ has gone into another heaven (bye-bye trash bins!)

Hmm, according to my logic, Petit H items should have cheaper prices and not too crazy expensive….

Then it means everyone can have a piece of Hermes in their homes! How cool!

You know what, the first thing I am going to ask when I buy my first Petit H piece (everyone can dream!) is a bigger classic orange bag.

Strutting down the road with Hermés bag and thousands of lustful eyes guessing what’s luxurious item I might have inside the box is a priceless priceless feeling. And I totally can recycle it.

Images taken from Style Bubble