90s Denim

by gimmegoodstyle

is denim making a comeback thesartorialist.com

Everyone I know is channeling their inner 90s spirits right now from cool/vintage Vogue US editorial about Montauk in October Issue to my friend’s geeky denim shirt.

Ah, denim.

One more thing to rise from the ashes like a phoenix dragging along the 90s spirit. Or maybe it’s the opposite? Just like usual, no one really knows how the style-revival-circle really works, but I am sure 90s AND denim will be a big big combination for next season.

… You know what? Forget the last sentence. I always get some punishments (usually public embarrassment for admitting I was wrong. Geez, how many times I’ve written that sentence?) every single time I try to tell what’s going to happen in fashion world. It’s like I am cursed.

Hopefully I won’t lead you into terrible style mishap this time.

Okay, back to denim.

Talking about denim, I always go to ‘bottom’ section in my mind, which is completely filled with jeans, but for 90s I am trying to open up a little bit and look for the opposite.

Something denim-y for top area. Now, where do I have to look for it?

Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night music video might be a good reference, but no one really wants to wear a ‘wrecked’ jeans cropped top, super bling-y sunglasses, and crazy high heels. Not relevant.

Alright, I give up in Lady Gaga and find an easy alternative: The Sartorialist. In the world of Scott Schuman every style exists in different, less controversial yet still a part of fashion. High-fashion.

A bit clicking and scrolling and ta-da! A girl (or woman) with coolest denim jacket I’ve ever seen. I admit I really fall for her simple combination, sporty shoes (slip-on sneakers?) and finally her light, flawless, a bit vintage-looking denim jacket.

Not really 90s, but the choice is this or ‘wrecked’ Gaga’s stuffs….

Yeah, bravery is not really on top of my list right now.

So… 90s? Hah, we know how to rock it.

Image taken from The Sartorialist