Skull Candy

by gimmegoodstyle


Back when I was still a fresh first-timer in high fashion world (pff… I speak like I am a veteran now. No, I am not. I am more like a… less-naive rookie?) and still liked to learn anything I can about the industry from magazines, I remember seeing Alexander McQueen spooky classic skull scarf and thought to myself: who wants to wear that kind of scarf?

For me, a scarf should be bright, warm, and comfortable. Skull printed scarf with British punk vibe added into it was definitely not a really good scarf. As time goes by, I began to accept the fact that sometimes fashion is not really on the same line with logic.

This is a creative industry after all.

Anyway, these past few days I’ve heard people shouting about Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen simultaneously, until I thought this Damien guy was the new successor or other more scandalous news.

Unfortunately, there is no scandalous whatsoever news.

But there is still an exciting news to tell.

Damien Hirst has re-done the house’s iconic skull-scarf and printed the scarf with his ‘Entomology’ series, creating a whimsical image of skulls made of thousands little flying butterfly, etc etc. Well, those scarves sure look beautiful, but I still can’t figure out why everyone is talking about him like crazy.

Come-on people, those are still the same iconic skull scarves and, yes, they have 30 different patterns and you can order it from Alexander McQueen’s official website….

But some of them are still a bit spooky, no?

Images taken from The Telegraph UK

hirst2_2732253a hirst1_2732254a damien hirst-alexander mcqueen new scarves