DIY?! S#@$$!

by gimmegoodstyle


I did tell you a few times before that I was going to try DIY project. Okay, so yesterday I remembered this promise and because I felt great and all-creative, I thought; okay, let’s do it.

I had an old pair of sneakers, so slippery and cheap and waiting to be ruined, I bought a full set paint, brushes and new brown notepad (the notepad has nothing to do with this, but it’s so simple and cool, I just need to talk about it. Hehe, new Muji notepad. Hehe…)

When I got home, I prepared everything I need. It was like building my own studio from scratch. Tissue papers, water bottles, paint brushes scattered across my sister’s desk (first mistake! My sister hates everything artsy. She will kill me, if she reads this!)(NOOOOOO….)

I was so ready to begin.

First brush, ah-so cool! So artsy, let me imagine what it will look like. Second brush, uh-oh the paint is too watery, okay, okay here, let’s give more paint…. Third brush: hell on my sneakers.

What the hell is this??!?!!? 

I realized that my sneakers’ materials… are not really great for DIY. It’s made of something close to plastic with small canvas fabrics on each side. Perfect texture disaster means perfect color disaster, which leads into DIY failure. Epic. I was so panic, I didn’t think clear enough and threw the left sneaker into a bucket filled with water.

The result?

Let’s say… I have never seen such muddy water before.

Maybe I should retire from my artistic career. Maybe it’s time to put the paint brushes down…

Suddenly I noticed I hadn’t touched the right sneaker! SO I decided to go all out Carrie-Bradshaw-classic-paint-bag and just splatted it with water, paints, and different dark colors (dark is way cooler than bright neon colors, don’t you think?)

Fingers crossed, hoping for the best…..

Well, the result is not something I imagined before (cool studded denim sneakers with soft shades of black and grey*).. but I kinda like it.

The paint needs longer time to dry and mixed perfectly with the plastic material. I don’t know if it’s going to be okay or not. Fingers crossed again. Ah, I don’t feel really bad now.

At least, the right one looks more like MMG than Carrie.


Images are taken from my Instagram account: alexanderantonius.

UPDATE: The left one has dried off and it looks… quite cool. All soft neon with different colors’ shades. Hehe, I just need to draw some tribal patterns with my permanent markers and everything will be great. Just great! Hey, maybe I am a hidden genius after all.

*Okay, I lied about that. I want to make a graffiti sneakers… and the graffiti should be like this: