Duchess Winslet

by gimmegoodstyle

kate winslet vogue november 2013 by mario testino vogue.com

Kate Winslet is surely not a Duchess of whatever-place, but she sure has whatever it needs to be one.

After receiving her CBE award from The Queen for her dedication in theater and movie industries, the gorgeous Kate went straight to Mario Testino’s studio and posed here and there for Vogue US November 2013 cover.

Pff, such daily jobs!

Boh-ring, you may say.

Anyway, Kate’s cover is a little bit… full, which is great because I am sick of skinny ladies. Oh, please! Eat more meat and proteins!

Not only showing off her delicious body (okay okay, sexy is somehow more appropriate, but I couldn’t help it! Delicious… a bit porn-typo?), she also talks about her life, new movie, family, blah-blah-blah.

I am sure the issue is great as usual. The only problem is: I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve been looking for it online in Jakarta’s famous (and certified) online bookstores, and at some magazine counters, but they already sell December Issue (Jessica Chastain, we will talk about her later. Such gorgeous hair!)

Call it my first official MAGAZINE DISASTER!!

Image taken from Vogue.com. Edited by Gimme Good Style

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