(Near) Perfection No.2

by gimmegoodstyle

one piece perfection 2 thesartorialist.com

I once wrote a story about a perfect style, that it doesn’t exist at all because fashion is such a subjective matter.

I still agree with my sayings, but I am still surprised by the fact that there are a lot of styles that fall near perfection. Those styles are hidden from our normal eyes yet when they finally appear on the web-blog, they feel right in our eyes.

Simple, accessible, normal and affordable. A style that we can all adopt.

The newest near-perfection that I found in the web is this man.

(There, I bold-typed it. Just to be safe.)

He is wearing his blue navy jumpsuit and his standard polished brown Oxford shoes. That’s it. No bags, no accessories (don’t make me repeat myself: MEN DO WEAR ACCESSORIES!) And it’s just perfect.

Okay, near-perfect.

Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the posture, maybe it’s that white paper works he is carrying around. Maybe all of those things. I don’t know. My mind is playing this nonstop symphony telling me that this is one of that near-perfect styles…. alright, my sister is playing Pentatonix next to me.

STOP! Don’t you see I am typing my ass off?!

Anyway, good man + good jumpsuit + good shoes + good paper work + good photographer= (Near) Perfection No.2

Image taken from The Sartorialist