Ten Thousand Shades of Style

by gimmegoodstyle

plaids parkandcube.com

What goes around comes back around.

Yes, thank you Beyoncé. What goes around indeed comes back around in term of love. Same business in fashion, even though critics and reporters fiercely tell us that ‘fashion is always new’, we can’t deny that, at some point, fashion becomes quite repetitive.

We’ve seen that dress before, we’ve seen that pattern before. And don’t get me started on ‘inspired by archives’ press releases.

Aw, come-on! It’s like telling the whole world you are basically remade the whole late collections into its newer, more glamorous, more expensive, and less classic versions. I am totally not buying it.

In short, fashion is not that new.. and so do we.

I am not saying we need to buy new clothes every day in order to become ‘exciting’ or ‘sensual’ or ‘fashionable’. Nah, sometimes it’s okay to accept the fact that you don’t have many options when it comes to fashion (especially budget fashion).

It is not okay, if you accept the fact that you can only pull of one style all the time (aka you are boring.) I dare you to say NO aloud to the sky (very cinematic, I know.) We are definitely not boring. We may be broke, but we will NEVER be boring.

To prove my argument here, I give you Shini Park, the extraordinary blogger/photographer/web designer behind the successful Park and Cube.

I’ve seen her in plaid shirts a few times before (not always, but quite memorable), which is quite rare considering her ‘ah-so-fashion’ blogger status and her quite unlimited DIY skills. What interesting is, even though I have seen her plaids again and again, I never feel that she is playing the same style.

And that’s not because I have a weak brain cells when it comes to memorizing facts and tiny little details.

Anyway, Shini’s plaid sometimes can be sporty, feminine, work as supporter, work as main item, work as main item and accessory and supporter.

It’s so versatile in exciting manners!

I totally fall in love with this fact and create a new fashion philosophy:

Fashion is not about how many clothes that you have or how many collections a designer can make. Fashion is creativity, and to challenge another side of yourself. 

… Pff, I know I am a genius. I just know it.

Image taken from Park and Cube