by gimmegoodstyle

2013-11-22 18:03:25 +00001

I went to sleep last night and a sound popped inside my brain: I feel like Lady Gaga. It was not a crazy idea I used to have all the time (for example: hey, why don’t you buy all those Sharpie markers and make a super cool DIY t-shirts?)(almost happened before I suddenly recovered my healthy concept of art -also my DIY skill is below average- and canceled the purchase.)

It was more like a.. concept.

Okay, it was weird.

So weird until I had to wake up and made a collage about Gaga style (the blue skirt is from Versace combined with very cool yet strange plaid blouse. Plus, I ditched all accessories and chose to go ahead with red heels and um, lace-mask?)

And I still don’t know why I felt like Lady Gaga.

My first answer is obviously because her album is selling everywhere and people have been talking about it for weeks (Artpop? So…bad/good/messy/neat/electro/pop/rock (?!?!)/strange/genius!) And I did listen to it a few times (okaayy…addicted), but I also used to listen to Born This Way a year or two ago and never felt like Gaga or, at least, had a concept about feeling like Lady Gaga.

So… I have to go with my second answer: my week was so boring and monotone. I didn’t even blog or wanted to make a style collage. Tests, homework, shitty movie project, and tons of arguments had worn me down until my brain had to make a quick survival decision: go ahead and wreck something, you HAVE to feel like.. um,  ah! Lady Gaga!

Uh… okay, brain.

First of all, I never want to be -or feel like- Lady Gaga (even though I am a big big fan of her!) Second of all, I am perfectly fine with pressures. Third…. well, thank you for injecting me with exciting adrenaline to face oncoming hard days. I need it.

There I said it!

Afterall, it’s not bad to feel like Gaga once in a while (don’t expect me to wear anything outrageous though!)