Bigger And Not Better

by gimmegoodstyle

big accessories?

Is bigger always better? We all know the answer is NO.

In some cases, it’s better to go smart and choose a simple thing than choosing an over-decorated, bigger alternative. What people don’t know is same principle is used in fashion.

Bigger is not always better.

Okay, okay, I have a lot of examples that range from clothes’ sizes (gasp!) to more business like matters like prices, etc. But this is Monday aka Monster Day aka The Gloomiest Day of The Week, I need something a little bit more refreshing than clothes’ sizes.

Let’s have a small talk about big-accessory-is-not-always-a-better-accessory instead. 

As you already know from the beginning of this little blog: I adore big accessories. Some people may say big necklaces, bunch of tiny bracelets with different colors, super-huge pendants, and oh-la-la earrings are not their things.

Well, I am not one of them!

When it comes to styling people (read: making a collage in Polyvore and critically judging my sister outfits), I always go big in accessory-hunting. My sacred rule is only one; no more than one big accessories. Oh, okay, one more thing: look out for the clothes (not all clothes are big-accessories-friendly).  

And it works all the time, like a magic charm. 

The thing is I have shown you how good simple style is, but I just realized that I have never given a bad example of ‘over-the-top’ style. So, here we are….

Big HAPPY necklace (it’s happening I think…), big earrings, a skully body-type (no offense), yellow dress with brave cuttings. All of them are too.. full for me. Too wrong.

Ah-ah, not my style. 

Just take it easy guys. Apart from art, fashion is just a mix between simplicity AND functionality.

Hail to the likes of Jil Sander and Alexander Wang, I say!  

Image taken from Jak and Jil