A Card For Ya

by gimmegoodstyle

card card-ya.org

It’s holiday season already! How fast! It feels just like yesterday I sent my friends and family holiday cards… well, okay, more like digital holiday cards (Yahoo has something that looks like a card?) But it happened because no one wanted to go out of their homes and do me a favor by putting it to the post office, assuming that the post office was willing to send my cards.

Okay, maybe I was a little bit late last season.

This time, I won’t make the same mistake again. Never. Partly because I have found my perfect holiday cards. Yes! A bunch of super-simple, cool, quirky, artsy cards from Card-Ya, a Japanese (!) postcards and design company that I found out on Instagram. Ahh, the life of 21st century teenagers (ignoring the fact that I still like to send cards to people….)

It’s a bit unclear what kind of cards they have because their website is written in… uh, pretty much bunch of odd lines, circles, and copyright signs (my laptop has been acting out these past few hours. Jeez.) But, I figured that as long as you have your Visa, complete address, patience, and good Asian attitude (means no shouting or calling anyone ‘bastard’ or well, you know the rest of the words), you will be able to order one.

Well, good luck and Happy Holiday!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Images are taken from Card-Ya

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