Walter Mitty

by gimmegoodstyle


Meh, Movies. I am not interested anymore in box office movies, even if it’s Catching Fire. The last blockbuster movie that I saw was… Gravity. And, okay, I kinda liked it, but the after-effect is not really worth to mention. Yeah, sorry Sandra!

It doesn’t mean that I hate watching movies. Please, who hates watching movies?!? I am just waiting for a really good movie. You know, the one with solid plot, talented actors/actresses, amazing settings, and enough special effects. But, seriously, these past few months every single movie seems talking about either a match to death… or vampires. Or both.

Fortunately for me (and everyone who is sick of vampires), there is this one movie that really attracts my attention. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Yes, this one is a remake (I never watch the original though) and I know there are a lot of possibilities that this movie is going to flunk right after the big release. I just can’t help but hanging to this little movie-freak-hope.

I like the simple plot (a really boring man with boring job (photo editor for LIFE magazine) suddenly jumps into a whole new adventure he has been waiting for his whole life, because one missing negative film yada yada yada).

I like Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig chemistry in the last 3 trailers (well, there is nothing really new from those three trailers, but I can feel it. Kristen and Ben are both great by the way). And the settings! Ah, the views! The places! The nature! Everything is just too good to see (MY EYEEEESSS!!!!)

The last good thing? It is scheduled to release on Christmas, which is my favorite year of the year and the only time when I praise everyone and everything I see/touch/hear.

Ah, take me in the same boat with you Mr. Mitty (the name’s a bit funny, don’t you think?)