Stack Me In

by gimmegoodstyle


When I was in Japan two years ago, I was standing in the middle of downtown Tokyo and thought to myself; How can they live like this? Those Japanese are so hardworking and strong and live in such a small space called apartment. Honestly, I can’t stand the thought of living in such a small stacked building. I’m sure, I am going to have at least one nervous breakdown or a lot of homesick moments.

Time to look for  a real solution, which I can’t really find (real estate world? Not good), but there is this one thing that looks like a viable answer. Okay, actually I think I have heard about this one before in one of many articles I have been gathering from the internet like a total freak, but again just to be save, I am going to give it to you.

A stacked house.

Please don’t imagine a dirty, grimy stack house with mafias waiting around the front door, bringing marijuana and hiding their guns. Ah, no (even though I would love to make a movie about that). What I mean by stacked house is the one designed by Tetsuo Kondo Architects and located in Chayagaska, a growing urban area in Japan, where mafias never really understand where to head out for drinks (or kills).

The house looks pretty much like a clean concept of the future. Three metal boxes piled carefully, shaping a modern yet warm space. Sliding glass doors, gigantic windows, minimalist walls, and clean floors give the house a stylish edge, while the owners can lay their heads in ease, enjoying patches of sun lights and fresh airs. Such a healthy way to live!

For those of you who are really concern about what others will think when they see you living in a stacked house… well, don’t worry. Even though it is indeed built by three giant metal boxes, it looks more like a new, solid home for small family. The boxes shapes add even more artistic sides. Instead making people talk endlessly about the-ones-who-live-in-boxes, you are going to make people turn green with envy and contact the nearest architect office.

I haven’t heard anything about the price. And, yeah, I know it is expensive (it’s more like a prototype I guess), but you know.. it’s better than nothing at all.

Images taken from Decoist