Your Festive Season

by gimmegoodstyle


Thanksgiving is quite a strange concept for Indonesians. We question everything about that holiday. What does the turkey look like? Is it good? Why do you guys hold each other’s hand before eating? Why do you serve pumpkin pies? How to make one? What is Black Friday?

Those are questions that we really want to know, and also show how annoyingly curious we are and the fact that we know close to nothing at all about Thanksgiving. I do know one thing about Thanksgiving season though: it’s the beginning of festive season in Western cultures (please correct me, if I am wrong). And, yes, we don’t really have the same holiday manners, but when it comes to festive, all I (and everyone) can think of is food. Please, don’t get mad to me for using the ‘festive season’ reason to drive all the way down to Nanny’s Pavillon and ate this superb Uncle Harold’s steak fettuccine.

It’s not turkey, but quite a close one.

I also have this feeling that this is absolutely definitely not my last festive meal. More like the appetizer. Oh, come-on! Everyone is waiting for the great Christmas Feast, right?

Images taken from Gimme Good Style