Four Eyes

by gimmegoodstyle

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Back when I was in Junior High, I was not really popular. Sure, I did have some friends, but people would have told you to repeat several times and trance for a long long time, if you ask them my name. Then I received my first glasses. Oh man, what a cruel world it was. My first glasses wasn’t really cool. It is made of plastics (euh!), in perfect square shape (Harry Potter used to have a better glasses than me), and have this disgusting giant cheap symbols on both sides of the frame. I went from nobody to ‘the boy with ugly glasses’ faster than Emma Stone turns to (fake) school slut in Easy A. And I am not even proud of it.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when Warby Parker asked me for my online help in launching their newest Leith Clark collection (designed/in collaboration with Lula Magazine founder, Leith Clark!) Honestly, I wanted to run back and hid in the corner of my brain’s personal trauma center while convincing myself that not all glasses are bad. See? This is the fashion bullying effect, people! But I called my braveness and suddenly said ‘sure, I would love to take a look….’

I waited in silent…

And those digital packages finally came. I opened them silently (fingers were crossed at that time)(a bit dramatic, I have to admit) then voila! Beautiful girl, sweet colors, beautiful near-transparent frames. Everything looks quite delightful, like seeing a cone filled with green tea, avocado, neon-colored ice creams (strange description, but I have been thinking about ice cream since two days ago, the same time I received the email). In short, they are far from ‘four eyes’ or ‘geeks’, more like ‘that sweet country girl who like to wear those cute glasses everywhere she goes. And people like her soo much!’ 

Plus, I had this instant urge to watch New Girl aka Zoey Deschanel right after seeing the collection. Did you get the urge too? Not really important, just questioning my own insanity…

Truth to be told, some of the glasses are indeed ‘too dark or old or not right’ for my taste (and cat eye glasses sometimes just don’t work), but the ones above? They’re sweet.

Sweetttttt…. I just can’t stop using that word. At least, it’s better than ‘ugly’ and I have stopped those eerie voices inside my head telling me ‘glasses are bad guys.’ Maybe it’s time to go back to my glasses. You know, for old time’s sake….

Anyway, I have put some of the previews in this post and you can find more in here. Or here for sunglasses section. Or you can also go to their official website for more shopping!

P.S: If you want or interested to send something for me to publish in this blog, please email me. I am more than willing to see your arts, photos, designs, writings, thoughts, etc etc (but I am not asking for advertisements!) As long as you mean no harm to other people or like to use… rough words. Come come!

Leith Clark and Warby Parker's model Zoe Kazan