Immortal Winter Soldier

by gimmegoodstyle

worn out

Winter can be unpleasant for those who have limited to no coat budgets (talking about me. Hooray!) I had no idea before, how expensive a single long coat can be (and how long it really is! My whole body seems to shorten in just a few minutes. I have to tell you that I consider myself as tall, but I am like dwarf, if you compare me to those Westerners).

Maybe because I have been living in t-shirts and pants all this time, until I realize I DO need coats/jackets for certain occasions (cough… fancy holiday… cough). I remember people used to tell me all the time that coat is such a long-lasting item that you don’t need to replace. Immortal, that’s it. And I strangely believed them, partly because I was trying to save some money to buy something else (cough… cool shirts from Muji… cough).

Then like a silent assassin, this picture struck me straight on the face. More like a bitch-slap. Scars… too much scars in one’s jacket until it looks more like a battered up anti-bullet vest, that just had a rough visit to World War II-like war zones (or World War Z kinda world), than a warm cozy outerwear. I was terrified and ran back as fast as I can to Zara (not Burberry, sorry people!) and decided to buy one giant black sweater that looks really really strong.

It’s always nice to have one or two bullet supplies, no?

Image taken from The Sartorialist. Edited by Gimme Good Style