Moto Classic

by gimmegoodstyle

acne moto jacket

Have I told you this thing before?

Sorry guys, I am currently in this dreamy-exhausted state of mind because of my final exams week. If you are wondering why I am still blogging in this kind of weeks, well I have to stay in shape for the fashion week, no? Or else my brain would freeze and I will only write ‘beautiful’ in my yearly fashion week reviews.

Anyway, have I told you before that motorcycle jacket is the new classic item? Well, if I haven’t, there you have it. Motorcycle jacket aka biker jacket is not just a cool jacket for bad girls/boys anymore, it has joined the long list of classic items. And I believe it is in the same line with little black dress.

Actually, I was kinda confused why it is so hard to accept moto jacket (such a cool idiom, isn’t it?) as one of the classic items. We all confess that we have one in our cupboards and if we don’t, we do want to have one. It’s like having a piece of both luxury (of the leather) and chicness at the same time. Plus, you can always wear your moto jacket basically anywhere you want, making it even more versatile than little black/white dress.

Oh, don’t get me started on how-to-not-look-boring-inside-your-old-moto-jacket. Please, you can make a really heavy dictionary on how to wear moto jacket.

Well, I vote for my Moto. How about you guys?

Image taken from Garance Dore

P.S: The image above is how to wear your moto femininely. See? There are a lot of styles to explore out there, even if you have just one classic item: your moto!