Geek of the Day: Jee Young Lee

by gimmegoodstyle



Okay so #selfie has been on fire since mankind found Instagram. And I truly hate #selfies. Posing with duck-mouth, wide eyes, super wrong angle is one thing, but posting it online for narcism purposes is just a whole other level.

I won’t take my oversentimental judgement to Jee Young Lee’s works though.

This young South Korean photographer has made some amazing portraits of herself. And guess what? She doesn’t even do the duck-mouth. Or showing off her underwear. To be fair, her #selfie is a little bit too… hard to follow. Jee turns her studio into real magic-land-setting inspired by her own life stories and Korean fables. The setting looks more like Alice in Wonderland goes mystically fabulous for me (ignore this sentence because the most magical world I have ever seen is… well, Alice). An army of white mouses, misty Lotus garden, and vision playing room of patterns? That’s my kinda #selfie. What’s more magnificent is she doesn’t use Photoshop or other photo-editing apps. Pure hand skills, imaginations, and artistic visions.

Without hashtag or duck-mouth (duh).

Happy Holiday fellas.

Images taken from Booooooo. Collage by Gimme Good Style.