(Not) Giving Not Receiving

by gimmegoodstyle

art shopping thesartorialist.com

Hey, let me give you my classic sarcastic, pessimistic prediction: Christmas Day is going to be suck. It looks like I don’t have any essential Christmas things (I don’t even need to open my dusty store-room). I don’t have any Christmas tree, I don’t have anything that look like Christmas tree, I haven’t done my Holiday Shopping (my back!), and don’t even talk about parties. So succckkkkk….. Unless someone invites me to their homes for Christmas tipsy-ing. Probably not. I am not really a good party person.

Wait, I feel like I am the suspect of my own misery here (quite right, but I am in the state of objection). No guys, I am the victim of harsh reality called life and people who always say ‘sorry, we’ve been running out of anything in your list since weeks ago, duh!’ (See?! I DID try to buy something).

Welllllll…. I am pretty much screwed this time. And I feel Santa always help me escape this… fiasco.

Anyway, don’t you think Christmas presents has been overexposed since the beginning of.. I don’t know, Christ? Let’s go back to the roots of traditions: Christmas is the time when we all be grateful for the Birth of Christ the Savior. All the rest of the goods just pop up every now and then.

One thing I am most certain is they didn’t have Christmas-Holiday-Card 20.000 years ago (I was typing the year randomly, correct me if I make a mistake), leave alone Christmas stockings (eh.. socks, I mean).

You can say I decided to go back to this Christmas tradition and give nothing AND receive nothing from my friends (quite fair). It’s like devoting the whole Christmas day for praying, being grateful for this miracle, and listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath The Tree. Pretty Zen, you know. Unless someone invite me to tipsy-ing in their ah, forget it!

So, what are you guys going to do on Christmas?

Image taken from The Sartorialist. Edited by Gimme Good Style