Goodbye Front Rows, We Are (Probably) Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

by gimmegoodstyle


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week committee announced that they are going to introduce more intimate venues that can only accessible for ‘real’ fashion insiders. Yes, bloggers will be eliminated from the front row, street style photographers are going to wait outside the tents like usual, and don’t even think to bring your assistant along. Fashion world, at least a tiny part of it, has suddenly swing back their merciless elite hammer upon us bystanders (and commentators).

At some points, it is great not to have too many bloggers around the venues. I know, I feel like a traitor, but we are not really important in there. We don’t know much about fashion, we are not fully educated in writing, and the rest of us are not even mature enough to know glamour. What we have been doing all this time is fussing around the internet about what’s good and what’s not. Subjectively.

Of course, most people don’t really listen to our fusses (or the fusses won’t hurt them, even if they are listening, because it’s not really important), but designers do listen to some words (usually the harsh ones)(oh, come-on! Don’t be too sensitive!) And it affects their own originality, sense of fashion, point of views, and creations. We are changing them into too-worried-about-press kind of person. Yeah, we are the bad guys.

Not only that, blogger-for-the-front-row hysteria has somehow wounded high-fashion clients. Okay, maybe they do not really ‘know’ what fashion really is or how to find more than one adjective to describe a simple Alexander Wang t-shirt, but they BUY the clothes. That’s the whole point of this sweet parade of nothing, right? How can you sit buyers on the second row, staring at the fussy bloggers’ backs? We are giving you real money, for God’s sake! 

Not only ruining their creative point-of-view, we are also ruining their economy.


Is it really bloggers’ faults? If you look back a few years ago (10 to be precise), the first show that invited fashion blogger was Dolce and Gabbana. The duo fancy Bryan Boy so much, they decided to roll the invitation for him. Not for press booth, but for front row. The show got so many attention along with Bryan Boy and suddenly everything feels more like avalanche of press, posts, bloggers, DSLRs, and more sweet talks. Fashion has opened itself for bloggers and now isn’t it a bit childish to blame the consequences on us, bloggers? We just receive what we are offered. Nothing more.

Bloggers also write, even though not as sharp as the likes of Tim Blanks (is there such thing as ‘inspired upon layers of….’??!?!) And people like our writings. Different from formal fashion writers, bloggers have no pressure of being objective or professional or educated or to open Thesaur more than a normal writer should. We write because we like the show/clothes. Simple as that.

Don’t get me talking about connections please….

Well, let’s say that Susie Bubble (from Style Bubble) has more advertisement power than most of new advertising companies (rookies!) The internet is really powerful you know.

I have to admit fashion world is too immature to adapt with the technology. Bloggers are not the only ones to blame for the loss of exclusivity or glamour fashion once hold the most. But maybe this is the right time to finally change the image. To let the world feels they can buy Alexander McQueen pants without having to question themselves what kind of other high-fashion piece they should buy to match the pants. Time has changed now, fashion has become more subjective. Not because of bloggers, but because of consumers itself. So, just loosen up the ropes a little bit and let the bloggers in for just one more season. We never know what they (us!) are capable of, right?

P.S: AAANNNDDDD I haven’t invited yet to one of the showssss!!!!! Awwww.. I am a good writer, I am a good spokesperson, I can totally sell something here…! Come-oooonnnnnnnn!!!

P.P.S: Oh! Maybe this is the reason why they choose to abandon bloggers! The online pleading is unbearable! Yes yes, it all makes sense now.

Image edited by Gimme Good Style