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by gimmegoodstyle

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Swedish, they sure have style in designing their homes. I don’t understand why we always go back to Sweden when we talk about architecture or interior design. Stockholm is definitely not the same with New York, but it can be the NYC of pretty apartments, buildings, and lofts. I just found this home (I think it’s an apartment, but no further information in this case) in Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden. No, I have never been to Sweden. I found it on the internet.

Quite miserable.

Anyway, the ‘home’ combines both traditional industrial era style with classic modern white. White has taken over Sweden’s homes in such calm ways. Everyone there seems to have a white colored home with bold decorations. Well, at least every Swedish on the internet….uh, more like every Swedish in my favorite home design websites.

The ‘home’ has three bedrooms, large clean modern kitchen (I knowwww… take-away lovers are rolling their eyes at this point), and of course a cozy playful living room with big big windows absorbing the sunlight (means you can sleep around all day without having to worry about not getting enough sunlight). There, I just blasted my own record of using-too-many-different-adjectives-to-describe-one-thing. I feel goooddd…

If you are interested (I know you are), I think you should head over to the nearest travel agent, buy a ticket to Stockholm (Skeppsholmen!), and go find the owner. Maybe you should learn Swedish a little, just to get more sympathy. Well, don’t blame my lack-of-information. I can’t find anything related to this home. But I know it’s there, waiting for the right owner to come and enjoy the bright colorful cozy beautiful inspiring magnificent awesome calming ‘home’.

(Am I a retarded internet person now?)(He he.. retarded)

Images taken from Fresh Home. Edited by Gimme Good Style.