Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

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erdem7It’s been forever since the last time we talked about fashion shows. I was really upset last spring fashion shows because I always couldn’t make it until the last day. It’s either because of my modem decided to break itself apart or my laziness attacked with it’s tempting voices. Ah, and everyone has a regular back pain, right? Yeah… maybe I cannot push myself hard enough to write something ‘smart’ when it comes to shows. The only thing in my mind is: go, criticize them and let them know how lame their collections are! So, you see… I’ve been holding back pretty nice all this time. I should’ve won Nobel for self-restriction. Ahem! 

Enough about me though (or my problems)! Let’s talk about Erdem Pre-Fall collection. Signature floral prints are unquestionably present in the collection, even though less-frequent than usual remembering the fall moody atmosphere. Elegant princess-like dresses (think Kate Middleton) followed with small adjustments to make it more ready-to-wear and princess-go-clubbing. Preppy-British-good-girl-party-girl (ala Gossip Girl?)(again?) seems to be the main inspiration behind the photoshoot, giving this simple yet chic party atmosphere. Classic Erdem, I say.

After telling my evil twin to shut-the-hell-up! I have to admit, I kinda like it. But, still, cannot decide if it falls in ‘magnificent’ category or just ‘mood-booster’ (evil twin is laughing inside my head). 

Hmm…. I give up! What do you think? 

Images taken from Edited by Gimme Good Style.